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Teen counseling near me

Vanessa Shawver

"Christian has an amazing knack for connecting with teens and giving them a safe platform to discuss their fears, concerns and issues without judgment."

teen counseling near me

Nan Moak

"The presence that Christian brings to the was tantamount at establishing the trust needed to bring healing to our situation."

teen counseling near me

Matthew McClain

"Christian is a dynamic public speaker and is a clinical expert.  He has greatly helped our organization as well as helping me personally."

teen counseling near me

Eric Sandras, PHD

"As a graduate school counseling professor who specializes in Human Sexuality and Crisis/Trauma Intervention, I am always encouraged to find practitioners who not only understand the complexities of self-harm, gender issues, and family dynamics, but also possess the ability to connect with those who wrestle with such."

teen counseling near me

Scott Saunders

"Christian helps young people address hidden pain and self-doubt on the inside and walks alongside them as they begin to experience inner healing and make healthier and more productive life decisions moving forward."