High-Intensity Intervention Plan (HIIP)

The high-intensity intervention plan is a custom plan developed directly between Christian Hill and the family or adult client.  This plan is beneficial when individuals or families know they need way more help than 1-hour weekly appointments, either because their situation is more urgent, fluid, or severely complicated requiring daily contact and intervention.  The price of this plan is also agreed upon by Christian Hill and the family or adult client based off of Christian's availability, family or client needs, and any other costs associated with this more intensive approach.

The H.I.I.P. is similar to the idea of having an agreed upon weekly/monthly retainer with Christian Hill that includes a highly-involved, hands-on, custom plan based on the individual needs of the family or client.

If you would like more information, or would like to create a HIIP with Christian for you or your family, please book a call with him.