About Me


Before getting my Masters Degree in psychology and starting my private practice in teen counseling, I was a full time Student Ministry Director for 12 years.  Although having a very strong Christian background, I am very intentional about only focusing on the specific needs of my clients and determined to find solutions for whatever specific teen counseling needs they may have.



I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.  I received my undergraduate degree in Communications at Stephen F. Austin State University and received my Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado in 2002. I also had extensive internship training with the Medical Director at Cedar Springs Mental Health Hospital which equipped me to become familiar with treatment approaches with more severe adolescent cases.


  • Licensed professional counselor

  • Over 20 years of experience working with at-risk teens

  • Both in-office and virtual appointments are available  

  • Comprehensive guidance and navigation for parents through the recovery process

  • Life coaching, mentoring, and experiential opportunities are available 

  • Psychological testing and evaluation

  • Educational advocacy with school admin, IEPs, 504s, behavioral issues, etc.

  • Parent support groups

  • Teen support groups

  • Comprehensive support team building and coordination for your child

  • Available for individual counseling with a parent for guidance

  • Diagnosis and treatment plan

  • Creative strategies for teens resistant towards counseling or therapy

  • In-home services available if needed

  • High success rate and customer satisfaction

  • National speaker and trainer for other counselors nationwide

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My Philosophy

I believe that healing takes place when an individual feels safe and there is a strong therapeutic relationship and connection built.  It's the power of this strong therapeutic relationship combined with the professional skill, expertise, and experience of a trained therapist that makes healing possible even for the most complicated teen counseling related issues.

Modalities:  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Client Centered Therapy, and Family Systems Therapy

When meeting with a client, I believe the problem is the problem and not the client.  Helping a client begin to separate themselves from the problem allows them to take a more objective look at the problem and evaluate the effects the problem is having on them.  Once we identify the problem and achieve this separation from it, we are able to partner together to find solutions not to "fix the person", but to solve the problem.